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General Notice

We deal with Vendors to resell their products on the platform catering best prices, some products are not in our control.

All payments for digital goods can't be refunded if the gift card is redeemed under no circumstances, you lose your right to dispute.

A replacement will be issued for accounts if they are not working from the main vendor with proof for the error (rarely happens, subject to main vendor terms and conditions),

No refunds allowed if you break the main vendor or reseller rules.

No refunds for revoked licenses outside our control.

Please contact me before leaving a bad review, leaving an unjust bad review will get your after-sales warranty, chargeback IP and info will be leaked to a worldwide database of scammers once confirmed, Scammers, you have been warned :)

In case of a concern

To Do

  • Open Ticket regarding your concern and chat me here through chat or referral mode

Not To Do

  • Open Paypal dispute directly even in the rare case of vendor truly mess it up!, trying to dispute a concern won't work well on PayPal due digital good nature and terms and service you agree upon, and I will be less motivated to help you at that point to deal and prosecute the vendor or 3rd party service provider!

Please let me know how can I assure your safety and mine as well, open ticket for a suggestion (it will be appreciated).

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