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VMware Workstation Pro™ enables technical professionals to develop, test, demonstrate, and deploy software by running multiple x86-based Windows, Linux, and other operating systems simultaneously on the same PC.

You can replicate server, desktop, and tablet environments in a virtual machine and allocate multiple processor cores, gigabytes of main memory and graphics memory to each virtual machine, whether the virtual machine resides on a personal PC or on a private enterprise cloud.

**What types of applications can I run in a virtual machine? **
Any application that will run on a standard PC will run, it is the equivalent of a full PC, with full networking and devices.

**Do I need to dual boot or repartition the disk? **
No. VMware Workstation Pro uses your computer's file system and creates files that map to a virtual machine's disk drives, so there is no need to create a partition for each operating system.

**How is each operating system installed? **
Once you have installed VMware Workstation Pro, you "configure" a virtual machine by assigning it memory, disk, ports, and networking. You then power on that virtual machine with the operating system installation CD or ISO image.

**Does VMware Workstation Pro modify the host or guest operating systems? **
No. Your host operating system environment treats VMware Workstation Pro like an application.

**What are virtual disks? **
Virtual disks are the disk partitions of virtual machines. They are stored as files on the file system of your host operating system.

**Does a VMware Workstation virtual machine share the IP address of the host (NAT), or does it have its own IP address? **
The virtual machine can use bridged networking to receive its own IP address (when available from a DHCP server), or it can use NAT and share the host's IP address.
What languages is VMware Workstation Pro available in? **
Workstation Pro software and documentation is available in English and Japanese (Windows only).

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