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LinkedIn 1 Year Business Premium
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1-year prepaid subscription for LinkedIn Business plan for 89$

Those gift codes coming to an end, all discount code for Business premium will be disabled as this will be last stocks, you can purchase LinkedIn Career premium if needed at my store.

How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Cost?
Premium Business: $59.99/month or $570 for yr

Reasons You Should Upgrade Right now
1- LinkedIn learning (Lynda) full access to 10,000 course
2- 15 InMail messages per month.
3-See how many searches you appeared in and how many people have viewed your profile.
4- Applicant Insight.
5- Premium Business gives you additional information businesses and unlimited people searches.
6- Additional information on posted jobs.
7- Additional salary information.
8- Access to on-demand learning videos.
9- Resume creation with Resume Builder.
10- It will b your own Private Account with your own ID-Pass
11- Having a LinkedIn premium gives a much better impression than free

Legally obtained throughout the affiliation program.

All gifts are checked to be working before sending to make sure no human errors there.

Гарантия на продукт
LinkedIn 1 Year Business Premium by Danz has 15 minutes limited warranty.

This warranty, as described by the seller, covers any type of occasions unless stated otherwise in the Terms of Service.


Please Make sure the correct account only logged in when redeeming,
Please Make sure the account is on free tier (not premium or trial) when redeeming.

You will receive official redemption link from LinkedIn as this format : https://www.linkedin.com/premium/redeem/gift?_ed=*****************
Which will upgrade your account for one year.

Due to low stocks, Warranty is only for 15 min To redeem the gift code.

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